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The English major at the University of Pittsburgh reflects the traditional goals of a liberal arts education: to develop a broad critical and historical understanding of influential cultural traditions and to foster a range of reading and writing strategies as well as skills of critical analysis. It prepares students directly for careers in teaching or writing, but the skills and knowledge it imparts are widely useful in numerous business and professional settings. An English major is highly regarded, for example, as a pre-professional major for further training in law, medicine, or business. The Director of Academic Affairs for the Association of American Medical Colleges has said (1986) that English majors have a higher rate of acceptance at medical schools than students who have majored in the biological and physical sciences. Majors should consult with their departmental advisors to select courses in English and other disciplines that would collectively best serve their post-graduation plans. Review the Writing Major Undergraduate Requirements.

Revised 12/18/2021
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