MFA Students

Rachel Mabe


Rachel Mabe graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a degree in English and poetry, which she put to good use teaching math to middle schoolers in Fort Lauderdale before deciding to go back to school. She found folklore by accident. She knew she wanted to study contemporary people, their stories, and their stuff and after researching different fields she came upon Folklore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where the faculty's interests overlapped with her own. Throughout the ethnographic fieldwork Rachel conducted while completing her master's degree she continued to be fascinated by everyday people, people that often get overlooked, and their stories and realized she would rather transmit those stories through writing that appeals to a general, rather than purely academic, audience. This led to her pursuit of an MFA in creative nonfiction. While at Pitt she will continue her mission of telling stories that otherwise wouldn't get told. She's also interested in photography, found objects, collage art, abandoned places, and exploring in general. 

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