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Grace (GE) Gilbert


Grace (GE) Gilbert was popped out like an eleven pound toboggan right into Oswego, the snow capital of New York, which is known only for its mobile meth labs and a subway sandwich named after Al Roker (prior to his gastric bypass surgery). At seven, she copied and distributed an original poem about her dead grandfather to each of his funeralgoers, and therefore likes to credit herself for inventing the concept of the broadside. 

At SUNY Geneseo in Western New York, Grace received dual degrees in English: Creative Writing and Childhood: Special Education. 

As a poet, Grace likes dismantling things the language-way because other ways are too scary and she cannot afford Crossfit. She enjoys walking the line between dream and reality, nature and personal history, soft image and heavy sound. She wants to go back in time and kiss Mary Oliver right on the mouth. Right now she's working on a short-line poetry series about the failed mental health system & attempting to further muddle the line between poetry and lyric essay. 

Grace’s recent poetics & lyric essays can be found in the Adroit Journal, Ninth Letter, Anomaly Literary Journal, Pretty Owl Poetry, Maudlin House, Twyckenham Notes, tilde, & the Gandy Dancer among others. Grace is the recipient of her alma mater's 2019 Mary Thomas Award in poetry, and is the runner-up for the award in non-fiction. She is a finalist in the 2019 Adroit poetry prizes, the 2018 Princemere poetry prize, and Sweet Literary Magazine’s 2018 poetry contest. 

Grace is now an MFA candidate in poetry & Arts and Sciences Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh. Feel free to contact her to talk shop or just to shop. Or offer to pay for her expensive cheese habit...this writing-as-a-career thing can only go so far. 

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