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Avery Keatley

Avery Keatley is a creative nonfiction MFA student at Pitt. After completing her undergraduate studies at Pitt in Writing, History, and Spanish, she found she couldn’t stay away, and returned just two years later. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Avery and frequently zips between her hometown near Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the city she reluctantly but completely fell in love with.

Avery is curious about pretty much everything. If you’re ever trapped in a car with her, she’ll probably have lots of questions for you, ranging from treasured childhood memories to the effects of space travel on the skeletal system. Her writing interests include the roots and fruits of the American psyche, Millennial culture, our growing reliance on technology, and histories of all the little things we take for granted. Her preferred medium is essay, although she will occasionally foray into memoir.

You’re likely to find Avery behind a piping cup of coffee or wandering around a cemetery. Or both. Please feel free to get in touch.

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